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3,9-bis(2,4-dicumylphenoxy)-2,4,8,10-tetra -oxa-3

Product name: 3,9-bis(2,4-dicumylphenoxy)-2,4,8,10-tetra -oxa-3
CAS: 154862-43-8
Structural formula:
Molecular weight: 852
Melting point: More than 225 ℃
Thermal stability: Doverphos S-9228 In all commercial phosphite product Molecular weight up, so it has unsurpassed thermal stability
Hydrolytic stability: Doverphos S-9228 Even when exposed to humid environment can still maintain excellent hydrolytic stability (Figure 4). When the other phosphite product, even complex encapsulated or phosphite product stalled, with 2 percent of the ternary iso propanol amine Doverphos S-9228-T remains good durability (Figure 5) due to good resistance to hydrolysis, S-9228 will not be like other phosphite products produce coking phenomenon. coked polymer will appear stain and clogging of the filter extrusion system.
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